What’s common between the movies Bend it like Beckham, Goal and Patiala House? Apart from sports being the common theme, all these films were shot in the Desi Hub of London- Southall.

So when I heard that Delhi has its own Southall I was intrigued. I had a chance to meet the management who told me that the concept of this place is indeed inspired by the desi hub- Southall in London.The idea was to bring the original desi music together with a bit of London-ness! With this idea of fusion, Southall was born.

As one enters the alley, they are greeted by a huge metal clock. It reminds one of the 18th century London. Of course the time travel is super speedy because the interiors are very contemporary!

I took a walk around but quickly came back to sit with my friends because the food was already there. The menu boasts of all the popular dishes from burgers to pasta and mezze platters and tikkas… All of this but with an Indian Tadka.

According to me their best dish were the Andhra style prawns and the Goan prawn fettuccini.  The prawns were laced in a chettinad type curry and had a very strong and distinct flavour of curry leaves. The red radish went well with the rich flavour. The pasta on the other hand was very smooth and subtle. The mild coastal flavour, the nuttiness of the butter and the crunchy prawns were a match made in heaven. Not to forget, the chef was very generous and added enough prawns to the pasta.

Apart from these dishes I tried their burgers, the mezze platter and tikka platter. The fish was coated in hari chutney. It was soft and succulent and the piece melts as it touches your tongue. From the tikka platter, the seekh kebabs were my favourite. The blend of spices in the kebab was suitable for all palates. The burger and fries were average if compared to any other eatery in Delhi.

But the food is not all that this place has to offer. The drinks created by their mixologists are unique and the blend is absolutely perfect. My favourite was this concoction of green chillis and ice. ( It was too delicious to stop and ask the name, but you can definitely ask their mixologist to make you one with the “CHILLY UP”). The presentation of the drinks was something which wooed me a lot. Fresh mocktails were served in glasses oozing with cold smoke.

Chilly Up

Southall cafe brings together lip smacking food, great ambience and good service together; which ticks every check box in my list of what a good restaurant should be!

Cafe Southall Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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