What’s on the Grill? @ A GRILL COMPANY

What’s Grillin..eh?

I have a special place for Barbeque and grills in my heart. The one reason to attend weddings is unlimited chicken tikka and mutton seekh; I would occasionally try the paneer as well, but chicken and fish tikka topped my list. Even though tikka is not something I cook everyday at home, it remains on my list of comfort food. I can never deny a tikka treat, and when I was told that a new griller is in town, I headed there with my family and friends (for the launch party).

A Grill Company, brings together the very popular live grills concept along with molecular food. Dipped in blue, the interiors look very alluring with beautiful artwork on the wall. As is the norm with any live grill restaurant, there are three courses beginning with the grills and drinks, followed by the main course and the desserts.


The course starts with cotton candy. Though the idea of cotton candy is quite amusing and might get popular among children, however I do not see the point of serving sweet treats before the meal. But that’s just me; I am sure many people enjoy cotton candy. I started my meal with the chicken wings and molecular chaat. The grills were decent, though they missed the wow factor. The ice-cream chat was delicious and had a beautiful orange and green hue. The frozen palak chaat was a little bizarre for me. It tasted like cold pakoras. The gol gappas were served in a box with chutneys served in mega syringes. There were five different pani for the gol gappas served in fancy cork bottles. I did not enjoy the chaat much. I think its the lack of dirt on the street vendor’s hand which was missing in this case! But surely the experience was good. I liked their popcorns which were served in a bright pink bucket. The one spoon treat was delicious. It tasted like a dollop of flavoured yogurt, dropped in liquid nitrogen. It was the first time I tasted something like this, and I savoured it.


The main course had various curries, assorted breads and biryani. The Goan fish curry tasted decent. The biryani was not as good as I have had at Jamia or Old Delhi, though I wasn’t hoping for it to be like that either. The salads were fresh and crunchy.


For desserts I had the berry mousse and brownies. The brownies were warm and dense and the chef was kind enough to give me vanilla ice-cream on request. The berry mousse was soft and creamy. I would define the feeling as ‘eating yummy clouds’. I was so full that I had no room for the custard, though I am sure it must have been great!


A meal is incomplete if one hasn’t had something to sip on. The mixologist here is very talented and makes some of the most delicious mocktails. I tried the pina colada, the soda ganna ras and the virgin mary. Each mocktail was a reflection of the fine skills of their mixologist.


The overall experience was decent. There were a few glitches like the missing two tined fork for the grills, and more additions can be made to the grill menu like kebabs and prawns and pineapple. Since, this was their first day of service, I realise that there would be many flaws and mistakes which will be corrected with customer feedback and response. According to me the sole focus should be on the grills since that’s the perception a person will have when they read the name. The molecular food was fancy but did not impress me much. I wish them all the luck and hope they refine their food quality and service with time and experience.

A Grill Company Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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