A warm cup of Love @ BLUE TOKAI

History traces the origins of coffee back to Ethiopia from where it was carried to the  Arab world. At that time it was illegal to carry the coffee beans out of Arabia. On a pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca, a muslim saint Baba Budan decided to smuggle coffee out of Arabia. He smuggled 7 coffee beans and brought them back to India with him. He planted these beans in the Chikamaglur Hills (now in Karnataka). These hills were later renamed after Baba Budan.

Had it not been for Baba Budan, we would have remained ignorant to this wonderful beverage. Centuries later, this place has continued to be the centre of coffee production in India.

As I sip my Mocha, I can’t help but wonder about the adventures of Baba Budan. I proclaim myself as a coffee aficionado. And my search for good coffee brought me to Blue Tokai. For someone who is new to Saket, finding this cafe can be a little challenging. For coffee lovers like me, it was nothing less than adventure. And the reward was amazing coffee. Of course google maps came in handy. Tucked away in a very unsuspecting corner of said-ul-ajab, this alley houses some of the most creatively designed cafes. There is a beautiful People Tree workshop next door. It is indeed a photographer’s delight!

On my first visit here I tried the Flat White, The Iced Latte and Pourover. The aroma, the taste, and the perfect blend makes me want to visit this cafe again and again. As one enters, they can smell the fresh coffee being ground. This is a packaging and roasting unit of Blue Tokai from where they also sell wonderful coffee. From behind the glass, one can witness the process of coffee roasting. As I peeped inside the glass, all I could see was my reflection. Perhaps thats where my soul was!

I always choose to sit outside, since their outdoor seating is very appealing. It is simple, rustic and sets the perfect mood for a fine cup of coffee. I have tried their banana bread and I swear it was delicious. The candied nut on top is certainly a delight for your taste buds.

I recommend Blue Tokai for all coffee lovers. As you sip,you will certainly be transported to an alternate universe of perfectly blended coffee.

Images: Zoya Khan

Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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