Trying hard to Figure It Out @ FIO!

Yes, I am trying to Figure It Out why this place has a rating of 4.3 on Zomato! I wouldn’t give it anything beyond 3/ 3.5.

I went here for lunch with some friends on a sunny winter afternoon. The setting is beautiful. It is situated in the midst of Garden of Five Senses and has picturesque ambience. The outdoors are rustic and the interiors are alluring. Fio is one of the most romantic restaurants I have been to. I can imagine how delightful the evenings must be. And I think it is just this atmosphere which has helped Fio get by.

Indeed the restaurant is scenic, and anyone would be tempted to click photographs here, but the restaurant has a NO PHOTOGRAPH POLICY. They allow camera phones but not DSLRs. I am still puzzled as to what dictates this logic. Anyway its a management policy and I wouldn’t want to comment on it. Just that it is a little irritating when the staff explains it rudely (especially when there is no signboard). The gentleman refused flatly. While leaving they gave me the “permission” to click photos. I gladly clicked some photos, because the setting was aesthetically appealing.

When it comes to the food I would not go to the extreme and say that it was delicious or bad! Because it was neither. It is just the average food which you can find in any restaurant in Delhi or Gurgaon. Of course a few dishes were full of flavour. But what describes the food here is best explained by the following remark which Phoebe Buffay (a character from the famous T.V. series Friends) once made- “tiny portions of pretentious meals“.

The paprika thyme chicken and grilled prawns in butter were delicious. The thyme chicken was moist and had olives inside it which tasted perfect. The prawns were perfectly cooked and seasoned. The phylo tazza was another delectable entree which we tried. The crust was flaky and the filling was creamy. For the mains we had ordered lasagne (veg and non-veg), casserole and pizza. The casserole was good, though it missed the ‘wow’ factor. Pizza indeed was over rated. I have had better pizza at more reasonable prices. It lacked toppings. One olive per slice? One strand of sun-dried tomato per slice?


For dessert we almost had every thing on the menu. The flourless chocolate mud cake was indeed a revelation. The warm apple crumble could be improved if the amount of cinnamon they add is reduced. The 15 minute bake cake was warm, soft and coated with flaked almonds. It dissolved as soon as it touched my tongue. Tiramisu had the perfect hit of coffee. This was a perfect end to our meal.

It is also a very bad idea to have a wood-fired oven close to the seating area. It creates a lot of smoke; something we  already have in abundance in Delhi.

Had it not been for the company, the experience would have been a sour one. I had a good time indeed, but not all of it can be attributed to the restaurant or its service.

FIO Country Kitchen and Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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