Back to College @ PRANKSTER

This is one of those moments when you find yourself at a loss of words. I do not know how best to explain this brilliant place. (Brilliant would be an understatement)

Prankster has been one of highest rated places in gurgaon and for good reason!
The interiors are inspired by a college theme and the restaurant seating to the menu is reminiscent of good old college days! The main door is locked because entering the college through the back door is the norm among most students! It opens up into the library section where books are arranged beautifully in one corner. Some of the books are even hung on the ceiling (perhaps what you should do with most Chetan bhagat books). Next I saw the hostel room which was a very cozy small room with bunker beds. To give it an authentic feel there are clothes drying up in the room.

There is a mixology lab with some chemical equipment type decor pieces. Surely reminded me of the chemistry lab. There is a canteen area, an amphitheatre, a parking lot, but we chose to dine in the classroom. The classroom has a very modern painting of Einstein up on wall and remains the central attraction of this place.

Moving on to the food, Executive Chef Angad is an artist. His passion to create the best food is the reason why people get to eat such amazing food. I had the chance to meet both the owner and the chef. This crazy duo, has put their soul into the food they create… And they do not stop at that. They believe in recreating and evolving. I had but one question lurking in my mind, how do you get from best to even better than the best???

I started my meal with their dahi bhalla ice cream which was the most unusual and flavourful thing I had had in a while. Next up was the sambar soup with paper thin dosa crisps! Soup was light and frothy.

I had the cinnamon ice tea, and the peanut butter shake and the cucumber cooler. All the drinks were spot on with the perfect amount of sweetness and saltiness.

Next we tried the prankster vada pao which comes inside Rubik’s cube’s. There is a prank hidden in this one!

Vada Pao

The tender lamb chops were to die for. The meat was so tender that It breaks on touching. Next up was the stuffed litchi. I cannot say anything about this one. It had the most pleasant and unusual flavour.

The kung pao chicken, the honey chilli potatoes meet the mark. The star for me were the 18inch jumbo prawns that come with a scale to measure the size and the puff crusted keema pizza! Chef angad has taken food to another level.

I tried their delicious chicken haleem and trust me I wanted to just go on and on!

The main course had some of the best preparations of gosht, paneer and egg curry. The egg curry was a French omelette covered in tempura and served in curry. Heaven is the word.

For dessert I had their rose kheer. The best part was watching the chef explain as to how he superfreezes the roses in liquid nitrogen and then breaks it up to garnish the kheer. Oh the flavour. I kept going back to the bowl.

The pineapple pastry deserves a special mention. It brings memories back from childhood when a sweet yummy creamy pineapple pastry was the only thing I craved!!

Without a doubt prankster is the hottest property in gurgaon.
Looking forward to more magic by the Crazy Duo!!


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