Light a Lamp @ SANA-DI-GE

What would be your reaction if I told you that there was a place in Delhi, where you can eat fresh and authentic Mangalorean style seafood? While the authenticity bit can be claimed by many others, but is it fresh? As I walked into Sana-di-ge, their manager tells me that try to bring the first … Continue reading Light a Lamp @ SANA-DI-GE


The sherbet will be “pink” this Ramzan but its not Rooh-afza: RECIPE- KOKUM SHERBET

When I was a child Ramzan would coincide with winters in India. The fasts were about 10-11 hours long. As I grew up the days started shifting and the holy ninth month started to coincide with spring and now summers. My mother tells me about the hot summer months of Ramzan from her childhood, when … Continue reading The sherbet will be “pink” this Ramzan but its not Rooh-afza: RECIPE- KOKUM SHERBET

My top soup recipes

Cooking Without Limits

I love soup. Clear or thick, vegetable or with meat, hot or cold, sweet or sour, soup could be one of the best dish at the table. We serve the soup after appetizers. I made a list with my favorite soups.

  1. Lobster bisque – Bisque is a French soup very smooth, creamy and highly seasoned, classically based on a strained broth of crustaceans.

lobster soup

  1. Pumpkin soup with turmeric – One of the best fall soups in the world you really have to try.

pumpkin soup

  1. Sweet hot and spicy soup – You can make a great sweet soup with sweet potato. Add chili and you have a treat.


  1. Cold cream red lentils soup with turmeric – Go with a cold refreshing soup in the summer.

red lentils soup

  1. Broccoli and cheese soup – If you don’t like eating broccoli, this soup will change your mind.

broccoli soup

What is your soup top? Can’t wait for your list. Enjoy!

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